• How to recover hair damaged by light: this is the definitive guide

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    How to recover hair damaged by light is a frequent question, since this beauty procedure, year in and year out, remains one of the favorites of Brazilian women. Like other lightening or lighting techniques , lights are made from the removal of natural pigments from the wires. An oxidizing bleach is responsible for this. The problem is that, in addition to changing the color of the hair, it also transforms the texture.


    The change occurs because, when opening the cuticles for the removal of pigments, the hair becomes fragile, without barriers that also prevent water from leaving essential nutrients for the health of the hair. Thus, the hair is damaged by the lights, becoming dry, more prone to the formation of knots, brittle and elastic. The capillary mass can become so compromised that the hair, when wet, appears transparent. So everything is important to know how to recover hair damaged by light. The sooner you start the treatment steps, the better.


    How to recover hair damaged by lights?


    Attention from the root


    To improve the appearance of the hair and tackle the cause of the problem, it is important that the hair is nourished again. An aid for this is to bet on the exfoliation of the scalp. That way, the hair will have an easier time to absorb the nutrients contained in the product formulas.